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                       John Downey Founder Radio Redwood 




Radio Redwood Good Music 107.5FM is one of the many community stations around New Zealand. We have been playing 'Good Music' since 1997. From broadcasting out of a garden shed until 1998 to a mobile studio in 1999 and then to a makeshift garage till 2001. Finally, in 2004 our modern 'studio five' was born.

Our music playlists contain a wide variety of songs for the middle age listener. We also promote local talent, and play many demos and interviews from a wide range of musicians.
Many volunteers have graced our desks, including Chris Church (1997-1998),Michael Downey (1997-2007), Mellisa Lynn & Krissy(1998-1999, Jamie Rossiter (1998),Talia Cook(2001), Peter Palmer (2000-2001), Stacey Porter (2001),Bernie Oram (2001-2002), Euan Robertson (1999),Ludovic Romney (2004-2005), Owen Parratt (1999-2007), Norman Smith, Nostalgia with Norman(2005-), Ivan Hansen, Classical show(2006 -, Ron Moore,Country show (2005 -), Lex Mclean (2002 - 2007), Sylvia Ritani,Variety fare & The Country Connection (2005 -2007),Gary McIlroy, breakfast DJ (2009). Other volunteers include Betty, Peter and Jan.

Many celebs and musicians have also paid a visit, including Hera Hjartardottir,Jed Parsons, Tony Williams, Pat Hannah, Marions Outlaws, Ashleigh Marie, Chris Cape, Neville Wilkins, Sandy Davis, Danny McGirr, Debbie McGirr, Terry Smith, Jade Hurley, V. J. Country, Barrossa Country, Mike Kaye, Lizzie Cook, Gary Moore, Bob Parker (mayor of ChCh), Clayton Cosgrove MP, Kate Wilkinson MP, Ron Mark MP, Amber-Rose, Carrie Henderson and Tamati Coffey (TV1 frontman).
Articles have been published in ChCh Mail, Ch Ch Star, Nor'west News, Older and Bolder mag., and a display has been set up in the Northlands Mall, Christchurch.

Thankyou to all our sponsors over the years,including The Coasters Tavern, Squires Hairdressers, Peter Allen signwriters, Sandy Davis of the 'Happy Half-hour Show' (CTV) Cobb & Co Restaurants, Burgess Automotive, Absolutely Flowers, Biz Print, Caltex Redwood & Cranford St and t he La Famia Foundation (Wigram Manor)
Recently, Radio Redwood joined the national 'Classic Gold' network with News and Weather updates.
Thankyou to Chris Diack, CEO of Classic Gold.
    A live feed from Radio Redwood is available on line at &